Why Use A Juneau Whale Watch Guide

When you are in Alaska you will find that the state has plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy life. However, it also has a lot of things that you can easily overlook as well. This is when you should know more about the fact that when you are in the Juneau area a great thing to do is to connect with nature on a different level. No, we do not mean go out and hike the trails and find a grizzly bear to give a hug too. Instead, we are talking about going on a whale watching tour. However, before you go out on the water on your own you need to know more about why you should use a Juneau whale watch guide.

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Knowledge Of Where The Whales Are

This is one thing the guides are going to have that almost no one else will have outside of seafaring captains. That is the guides will know where to go for you to get to see the whales. Yes, the whales do move around, but the guides usually take the time out of their schedule to track the migratory patterns of the whales. This way they are able to provide you with the best possible experience. Then you can finally keep track of the whales and will have a chance to tell everyone that you were able to see the whales and enjoy seeing them.

This is different than even a cruise ship who may let you do some whale watching. The main difference comes from the fact that the whales you are seeing here are going to come from the natural pattern and without any research as to where the whales will be, but only if they come along during the routine cruise path will you see the whales.

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Safety Is A Priority

This is one aspect that if you go out on your own, you will consider, but you will find it is going to be difficult at times to follow. The captains and guides who are leading these tours are going to take your safety into the main consideration. This is because you all need to come home safely from the whale watching you are doing. If you do not come home safely then you will not want to go to the tours again if you live, but also if you are coming home hurt then you will not recommend the tour to any of your friends.

Helpful Advice On How To Get The Most From Your Experience

This is one aspect that you are going to like because you will want to know where to aim your camera or even how to protect yourself from the water splashing whales are known to do. The guides in most cases are going to provide you with advice on how to get the best camera angles for your pictures, but also how to keep yourself dry. This will help you get the best out of everything you need to have and will make it easier for you to have a great trip and know your camera is not ruined by the whales.

Provides The Boat To Go Out And Watch

Face it, whale watching from the shore, is possible at times, but it is not going to be something you want to do. That is because you will find the whales are not going to come right up to the shore like they would in the water. Since the whales do not come up to the shore you will like the fact that you can take and find a guide that will have access to a boat that will take you to the whales and this makes it easier for you to have better views than what you ever imagined.

When you are in Alaska one thing that you will enjoy doing is going on a whale watching tour. The problem that you may have is not knowing about the reasons why you would want to use a top quality Juneau whale watching ak guide. Then you may think that you can hire anyone off of the street, but this would be a mistake if you want to have a great trip and see the whales.